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How To Dress That Butt

Your underwear might be a passion-killer or a passion-stirrer. Is white always right? Do you lift and separate or let it hang low? What exactly are you saying with your regular brand of underwear or do you go commando? Dress your crotch and buns in a way he’ll appreciate. How best can you turn him on?

CKs are ubiquitous, though that might seem perilously close to being common. Get the guys at a party to show their pants and, other things being equal, it’s the differently dressed who’ll attract most notice. The more exclusively labeled will, of course, shout money, which is certainly sexy (house labels are clearly out – especialy Pep stores and Mr Price ones), but what about those whose labels you can’t put an advertised image to, or, oddest of all, those who seem to carry no brand identification?

Perhaps, you might start to think, their groins are strangely unique. Perhaps they have something to give which you won’t have encountered so many times already. At the very least, relationship-status permitting, they must merit further inspection.

White and tight spells purity, a uniformed clinical space, in presumed contrast, from the wearer’s point of view, to the straggly framed, unreliable creature lurking inside. They mark an attitude to sex, a need to bring control to, and to efface, the chaotic mysteries of male sexuality. At times they’re good to wear: you can put sex away and get on with the feeling you’re sculptural; the organ you can’t tone or make more buff at the gym can slip from the mirror’s reach while you take time admiring your pectorals.

The trouble is, when it’s time to initiate sex, they don’t exactly ooze wild sexuality, or even an interesting, quirkily individual time. Warmer colours are more touchy-feely. Introduce further – and suitably bold – design and your man of the moment might expect he’ll be in for a vivid experience.

Or should you perhaps put the briefs and trunks away and hang loose with a pair of boxers? There are disadvantages. If you’re wearing more formal, or smart-casual trousers your equipment will tend to be more on show, and it can be a little awkward when you get an erection. And – it’s a plus AND a minus – you are more likely to get an erection, because the blood supply to your penis is not being choked. It’s healthy not to be squeezing your genitals all day.

Boxers give penis and testes room to manoeuvre and to breathe. Then, when you start to have sex, and you’ve undressed to the final layer, you can see and hold each other’s penises fully, play awhile before getting totally naked, and not feel your cock is being punished by strangulation for getting excited.

Experiment and see what feels sexy and natural. And remember, for the sexiest treat for your groin, borrow his pants, irrespective of quality, and lend him yours, though do make him promise to give them back after he’s worn them.