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Job Interview Tips for Gay Men

If there is something that differentiates gay men from straight men, it’s their ability to always dress to the occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gym session, a celebratory event, or a walk through the park – gays really know how to combine their clothes and snatch the award for the most fashionable one. However, job interviews are slightly different, as not everyone understands the clothing dos and don’ts for this occasion. What are we supposed to wear for a job interview in order to impress? Take a look at some of these tips and leave a great first impression, as first impressions really do matter.

Clothes must fit!

The most important rule of dressing for your job interview is to choose clothes that fit you. Many make a mistake in this department and choose their clothes based on what they look like, not based on how they look in them. This can make or break your final look. Wearing a suit that is not well-fitted is, for example, a big no-no (should we say it’s perceived as a sin in the gay world?) That is why you should make sure you’re wearing your size. Getting your clothes tailored will only do you a favor as they will accentuate your good features, and most importantly, give you the confidence that you need for a job interview.

Accessorizing – yes; over-accessorizing – hell no!

Many believe that it’s the accessories that create an award-winning look, and even though this might be true to a certain extent, it’s important to know where you’re going. You definitely don’t want to look like one of RuPaul’s drag queens while on the job interview, do you? As far as accessories go, a watch is the number one accessory that you should bear in mind. Next up, make sure to have a nice bag that will go with your outfit. But not all of us carry male bags, and if that is the case with you, you might want to elevate your look with a good man’s card holder that will substitute your wallet – it’s not as chunky, it can fit in your pocket, and it gives you a certain element of formality. Finally, if it’s a sunny day, why not bring everything together with a nice pair of sunglasses?

Iron it out

One of the things that are unforgivable is showing up for your job interview in wrinkled clothes. This is one of your top priorities, so iron whatever it is you’re wearing before heading out for the interview. Ironed clothes do not only look good – they are also very important in making the right first impression.

A job interview is not a catwalk

Now, we all know how crazy we gays can get. No matter what your style is and what you like to wear in the club, make sure that you keep trendy clothes to a minimum. This means that you should never go to a job interview wearing the latest fashion – unless you’re going to work in the fashion industry, that is. Make sure that your clothes are timeless and somewhat formal. This also means that you should stick to a neutral color palette – so nothing flashy, neon, or too bright. Wearing brown, red, black and combining them with something white (if that’s a color that looks good on you) will do it. There are plenty of amazing choices out there – ranging from formal suits to semi-formal jeans and blazers that will fit you perfectly and that look great.

Avoid super casual items

Speaking of semi-formal and formal clothes, there is another thing that you need to bear in mind: don’t be too casual as this can only backfire. This means no casual shorts, hoodies, or anything similar. Also, if you have any headphones, make sure to exclude them from your final look.

To sum up, what you want is to dress and impress, but your clothes should not upstage you or the presentation of your skills. Keep it simple yet elegant, and show your future employers that you don’t only know how to do your job, but how to dress up for the occasion as well.