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Lesbian Beauty Routines

Lesbian Beauty Routines

Remember when everyone thought every lesbian was butch,wore no make up,didn’t shave their legs or armpits,had to wear 50 shades of denim and sport a crew cut?

That’s just not true now is it ladies? We all have our own beauty routines and things we do to make ourselves look and feel good. We can be just as high maintenance as our hetero counterparts when it comes to beauty. I,myself,have a bag full of make up, various creams,nail polishes,toners,hair products and more.

Almost every day there’s the gentle scrubbing of the face with Lush’s ‘Let The Good Times Roll‘ face scrub that smells delicious and makes my face baby soft. Another favorite is the Lush staple, ‘Buffy‘ body bar, the go-to scrub for exfoliating and softening the aul limbs. Lush products are fabulous with their natural goodness and they’re cruelty free,huzzah!

More than anything, soft skin and taking care of it is my main concern so as well as using the face wash, body scrub and some Dove shower cream,there’s an army of different bottles of moisturisers in my wardrobe. Among them is Garnier Intensive 7 Day Lotion,Lush’s ‘Dream Cream‘ for troubled sensitive skin,some Soap and Glory body butter and your basic Dove moisturiser. Out of these I use Garnier and Dove the most because they smell lovely and I’m poor.

Personally, I don’t leave the house without at least one layer of foundation and mascara. The fear of being out and about with a blotchy red face and tiny puffy eyes and catching a glimpse of myself in a Penneys full length mirror is too great. Over the last while I’ve stuck to an Inglot foundation, before that it was ‘Infallible’ by l’Oreal and just the other day I switched things up a bit and went for Lumi Magique by l’Oreal, it makes me look all dewy and fresh. By the way, I went for these because I have red hair and skin as pale as a sheet. Finding a shade that’s perfect is like uncovering the Holy Grail.

The other stuff I use is mascara my aunt gave me from Avon (again because I’m poor and I take what I get),some Bourjois eye-shadow(usually a casual smokey eye) and my lipstick switches between Chanel, Revlon and some other cheapy brands but still good. I don’t bother with blush, my cheeks are constantly rouged by my natural red-headedness and I’m probably do the bare minimum when it comes to make up. I don’t use highlighters,powder,BB creams,eye creams,bases before I apply my make up and a LOT of other things more knowledgeable girls would use,although I would like to.

I’m no top notch beauty expert but I do wonder about the beauty habits of my fellow lady lovers and what products, if any, you use and what your favorites are. Is it in any way different for lesbians,can most of you be bothered with regimes and products or do you think we don’t have to try as hard? That’s not the point though, everyone loves to feel good about themselves for me that’s using all of these products but is it the same for the rest of the lesbians out there or do more of you prefer to be more natural in your approach to a beauty regime?