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Light the Night

LGBT Community Launches #StayStrong Campaign to assist victims of violence and bullying.

Gateway Health Institute is launching its #StayStrong campaign at the annual “Light the Night” event, coming on 16 November at the Colosseum Reale Venue in Pretoria.

“We all have a story to tell about how violence and bullying in some form or another affected us or someone close to us at some point in our lives. The 2019 “Light the Night” show and dinner will serve as a platform for the official launch of our #StayStrong Campaign, and to raise funds to assist victims of violence. We hope and aim to continue our efforts to engage the government on taking some tangible steps to put an end to this epidemic of violence that is ravaging our communities, be it women, girls, children or LGBTIQ+.  The #StayStrong campaign is there to promote acceptance and inclusivity and to promote a positive message that we as a community care about these issues. We all have a right to live free from violence, bullying and “othering”.” says Dr. Coenie Louw executive director of Gateway.

The #StayStrong campaign is supported by drag artists from all over the country, who will entertain and edutain “Light the Night”-guests on the night.

Performers include the super talented Shannin Brownwyn Brown, the “Diva-at-large” all the way from Cape Town, Shenay O’Brien from Johannesburg (who reached the top 16 of Idols SA and is currently one of the breakthrough mainstreams drag-performers), the ever so funny and witty miss Olivia Mae from Parys in the Free State and the evergreen Crystal Decanta from the East Rand. Cleo Houston Brown, all the way from the Northern Cape, will be your hostess for the evening 

“We are not only there to entertain,” says Cleo Houston Brown, “but we are also here to spread a message of acceptance and inclusivity. It is never ever okay to be the victim of bullying and general gender-based violence. If we all would start to use our voices to change things for the better, can you imagine what a wonderful world we’ll all be living in – no matter our backgrounds, gender or social standing in our communities. Let’s stand up and be the change we want to see in the world.”

The Light the Night show, which was the brainchild of the late Deborah de Donner (“Diva extraordinaire” and two-times winner of the Me. Pink Loerie pageant), started out as an annual  garden show benefiting Gateway Health Institute in Centurion, and have since grown to be one of the highlights on the LGBTQI+ calendar every year. This year the organisers decided to up the event to a full dinner-theatre show and dance. 

Proceeds of the event will go towards assisting victims and providing mental health first aid to victims.

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Gateway Health Institute is a LGBTIQ+ led non-profit organization based in Gauteng, that works regionally at a SADC level, towards realizing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of vulnerable and marginalised groups, such as adolescent girls and young women, refugees and LGBTIQ+ communities.