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Wendy La Rosa

Living La Vida Rosa

Queerlife talks to Miss Gay Western Cape 2018 Wendy La Rosa

Wendy La Rosa, a 32 year old teacher from Mitchells Plain, was crowned as the 10th Miss Gay Western Cape at a Red Carpet affair in Cape Town on 3rd November. She started her Drag Career in 2011 and entered her first pageant, Miss Pestova in 2013 which she won. In 2015 she took the Miss Cape Town Pride title. She has been actively involved in the LGBTI community as a choreographer as well as assisting where she could. Her passion is to inspire people and see them develop in to their full potential, flourishing in their true self.


QL: Who are you when you are not Wendy la Rosa?

WLR: I go by my government name, Wentzel April.

QL: Tell us something unexpected about yourself

WLR: I have an absolute fear of watching scary movies. I actually get nightmares.

QL: Tell us what not to wear this summer

WLR: Anything from Mr Price!! Hahahah! You’re going to find 30 other people wearing the same item of clothing in the same establishment as you.

QL: What item in your closet can you not live without?

WLR: Anything black! I love black. Also, it’s slimming (laughs)

QL: What’s in your handbag?

WLR: CRAP! Pencil bag, diary, lip balm, wallet, mascara, phone, loose tissues.

QL: When did you discover your inner drag?

WLR: My first time in drag was at Miss Gay Western Cape 2011. I wore a blue pant, white shirt and brown heel, with just a lick of foundation and a blue eye. I thought I looked amazing. LOL!

QL: Who is your inspiration or role model?

WLR: I draw inspiration from anyone that does incredible work within society. As a teacher, my kids inspire me as well.

QL: Which famous person, dead or alive, would you like to have dinner with and why?

WLR: Jason Mamoa! He’s gorgeous!

Michelle Obama – she’s such an awesome woman. Full of courage and love.

QL: What is the most attractive feature of a man?

WLR: Legs!! Oh and beautifully toned arms – not Hulk-like arms, just toned. Let’s move on before I get nasty, LOL!

QL: What’s the most attractive feature of a drag queen?

WLR: A queen who isn’t afraid to be true to herself. Yes, it’s a character or an extension of yourself, but people don’t like pretentious queens.

QL: What’s your best quality?

WLR: My humility and being approachable. I can network with anyone, regardless of race, culture, class, etc.

QL: Love or money?

WLR: What is love?! Show me the dwollaz, Hunty!!!

QL: What was the last movie you cried in?

WLR: Not many movies tickle my tear ducts but The Notebook gets me every time. The last scene where the wife doesn’t recognise her husband and he cries uncontrollably…! Kills me.

QL: Drag Pageants are very popular in the broader Coloured Community in the Western Cape. Is it because there is less homo-prejudice in this community or are there other reasons? Are these pageants a form of escapism?

WLR: There’s definitely less homo-prejudice in the Coloured community but it doesn’t mean it’s not prevalent. But pageantry has always been a part of our colourful community. The regalia and opulence that is attached to the beauty of pageantry is what makes it attractive. This might be a generalisation but Coloured folks can be quite competitive and it’s with this nature that pageants have sustained so long.

Pageants are definitely a form of escapism. It allows you to feel beautiful and boosts your self-esteem.

QL: Is drag a political statement?

WLR: Absolutely! The fact that we can walk in heels and a dress in public is a political statement in itself. It’s a form of protest for acceptance and stamping out ignorance. Just being a person under the LGBTIQA+ community umbrella, is a daily fight. A fight to be treated equally and accepted regardless of gender identity.

Aluta Continua!

QL: How will you use your title to improve the quality of life in your community?

WLR: Education and training are my strengths and I intend on making use of it within our communities at large. Education has saved me from poverty and I would love young people to see and experience the benefits of education and developing yourself.  I have an initiative that I’m starting which will assist learners from a difficult background (financially especially) but who excel academically and want to rise above their circumstances. The initiative is still under construction but as soon as it is ready, I will make it public. So, hush-hush for now.

QL: What do you hope to achieve during your reign?

WLR: That we grow closer as a community and society. It might sound like a dream but I still believe all things are possible. If we can just start to care of each other more and accept our differences, we can work towards a world filled with love.

QL: What advice do you have for aspiring Pageant Queens?

WLR: I’m going to raise points specifically about Miss Gay Western Cape

  1. Know your purpose for doing the pageant. Ask yourself, why am I entering the pageant?
  2. Remember that you need to stay true to who you are. Don’t be fake.
  3. Have fun!! Smile, laugh and enjoy yourself.
  4. Lastly, should you win, know that a win for you is a win for everyone. Your reign should benefit everyone and not only yourself.