1982. TEXAS.

It’s a world of big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots as Kevin (Jacob Newton), a straight frat-boy, enjoys a little male physical bonding with his buddies; after all, he’s just helping a friend out, right? One afternoon, he encounters Cesar (Derek Villanueva), an openly gay student and immediately Kevin is attracted. He quickly dismisses his feelings as just being excited about his new friend, one who he can get to know in a special, secret way. But remember, Kevin is straight, especially since he just scored with bodacious school cheerleader Camille (Sophia Revelli) and brags about it to his redneck buddy Justin (Kevin Held).

Cesar’s best friend Marsha (Bonnie Marion) has noticed that he has become distracted and it’s become obvious that Cesar has fallen head over heels for someone. Meanwhile, Kevin is offered a weekend away with his childhood pals Steve (Dylan Vox) and Daniel (Stephen Matzke), so he packs his bags quickly because it’s a great opportunity for him to escape from his feelings for Cesar.

The weekend is going to be especially frisky, as Steve has promised that when his insatiable girlfriend Brenda (Katrina Sherwood) and her best friends arrive, they will be ready to “go all the way,” making the cabin the ultimate sex hot spot. But a heavy rainstorm descends, causing the roads to flood away, preventing the girls from getting up to the cabin and leaving our boys incredibly horny . With no women around, an endless supply of beers and porno movies cluttering up the VCR, the guys decide to lend each other a “hand.”

But Kevin’s confusion and denial continues to escalate and something has got to give, because his head says one thing but his heart feels something completely different!

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