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Macbeth – The adult panto

Whether it was for a school or university set work, or just because you’re a big ol’ nerd, most of us have read Macbeth at some point in our distant past. Well, don’t you think it’s time you reacquainted yourself with the great bard’s work?

Stop that – we can smell you yawning already!

Honey, this isn’t Shakespeare the way you remember it. You see, us girls at Gate69 can whiff out an untold story and read between the lines like nobody’s business; we’ve discovered what that dirty little Willy was really on about and we’re dead set on sharing it with the world.

What your fuddy-duddy English teacher didn’t tell you was that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were the original Brangelina. Macbeth – complete with tattoos and a stomach made for Omo Handwash – makes Brad in Thelma and Louise look like John Cleese. As a rule, we don’t run after men, but if a boy has muscles and tattoos, a bitch might just power walk!

Lady Macbeth is the original femme fatale. Long before Angelina pouted her way into our lives, Lady M was taking no prisoners and looking fierce doing it… And her rack will make your husbands weep. #JustSaying gate69-queerlife

And who could forget those three w(b)itches…

Think you know what 3 medieval, cave-dwelling, potion-brewing, curse-casting old hags look like? Well, you don’t. Cathy, Holly and Molly, your three favourite Trolley Dollies are back and you’d better assume the brace position because this is glam like you’ve never seen it before! Angelica Houston, Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker can all step aside because we’ve drag raced the hell out of witchcraft and it’ll never be the same again.

Big hair, big tits (some real, some not so real) and even bigger musical numbers give this old yarn the kiss of life it’s been aching for.

At Gate69, we pride ourselves on bringing you South African firsts, and this festive season romp is no exception. Bring family, bring friends, bring strangers (isn’t it always better with strangers?), just come! You won’t regret it and you certainly won’t forget it. Book now for a pantomime experience unlike any other!


First Class      – R595
Business Class – R550
Economy Class – R450

This includes a delicious designer mezze served on a double-tiered Lazy Susan, a separate hot soup and bread service as well as a mouth-watering purple Patron soft serve ice-cream for dessert.


October 25 – December 30
Wednesday – Saturday


Suggested arrival time on our red carpet is 18h30 for a drink in the bar, dinner is at 19h00 and the show starts at 20h15.

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