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Smell Matters More Than Size

In gay relationships one thing is more important than size… SMELL.

Your sense of smell is up there, though differently, with sight as a sense that leads straight to the meat – and the heart – of the matter. It’s primitive. Using smell to heighten libido is one sure way of getting with nature’s little gay program.

You or your partner might be used to spraying your natural smells into oblivion. (If that’s the case, licking each other’s armpits really isn’t an option.) There might be a certain degree of squeamishness involved in smelling natural – or it might be that your fast-food and alcohol intake really is making you smell horrible, in which case, deal with the cause.

It should also be said that some people do genuinely suffer from B.O. If that’s you, seek medical advice, rather than relying on antiperspirants and deodorants, which won’t solve the problem in the long term.

But, if your idea of body odour is just the way a regular, healthy human body smells, try to lighten your use of deodorants and, beyond giving your body a chance to do more of the arousal work for you, you might find your sense of your (natural) body matures – and your sense of body and self becomes more fully integrated.

Some do like it ripe – though that’s slightly inconvenient for the partner who’s then got to go around catching his own odour all day. (Perhaps, save this as a treat to conclude a day of more physical graft.)

For the rest of us:
Wash yourself thoroughly, spending time with anti-bacterial soap on the armpits – since it’s bacteria on the surface of the skin which are most often causing B.O. – then don’t spray any other scent on.

Let your natural juices simmer a while. Let your pheromones out. (These you won’t smell.) You’re safe from sweat becoming unpleasantly odorous for a good few hours. When fresh, sweat doesn’t smell bad. It’s when it goes stale that the problem starts.

Then get it on! Concentrate on smelling each other. If you’ve washed relatively recently, the smell should be subtle, quite sweet – and distinctively human. Plus which, there’ll be the hormones you can’t smell helping you in the task of getting laid.

Spray yourself for the day at the office, then wash it clean and don’t feel you have to fetishise the ‘cool blue’ or ‘crystal’ or ‘cotton fresh’ products some would say we’ve been brainwashed to think of as part of nature’s plan, when they aren’t.