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MCQP Drag Race

MCQP Revs it up for it’s 25th Edition

All roads lead to Cape Town Stadium on Saturday 15th December for this year’s Mother City Queer Project Party, the 25th in the series of Africa’s longest running Queer Costume Party.

1994 was a remarkable year. A new democracy was born and Cape Town was the place to be for those who found that their lifestyles were changing from illegal and oppressed to celebrated and protected.  Rejoicing in this dizzying new openness, Andre Vorster and Andrew Putter created an event that has grown into the Mother City Queer Project, where “queer” means a state of mind that goes way beyond the confines of sexual orientation.

This year’s MCQP theme, MCQP: Drag Race which was announced at a fabulous Halloween Party at the end of October, and goes some way in putting the queer back into MCQP. As with all MCQP themes, it is open to interpretation with unlimited possibilities for creativity. For those old enough to remember, and for fans of fast and furious car movies, the standard dictionary definition of Drag Race is “a race between vehicles to test their acceleration from a complete stop, especially between specially designed cars on a short, straight course”.  But trust a Queen like Ru Paul to turn this definition on its head and to create what has become a modern cultural phenomenon, Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Thanks to the now iconic American reality TV show, for most people the term Drag Race now conjures up images of drag queens accelerating from Zero to Hero, with the help of a sexy Pit Crew.  What better way to celebrate the increasing popularity of the art of drag, as well as a milestone in South African Queer Culture, than with MCQP Drag Race.

Director of MCQP Ian McMahon says: “I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that this year’s theme offers the most diverse opportunity for all MCQP enthusiasts to create costumes that can range from the most extremely masculine – as in race car teams- to the absolutely fabulous strutting their stuff in high heels, OTT wigs, eyelashes and heavy makeup – and everything in between. Except to see muscle cars, touring bikes and lots of on-the-track grease and muscle”. Not to mention Dykes on Bikes, Grease Monkeys, Sexy Sennas, Manly Mansells or Louder Lauders

As always, MCQP: Drag Race will offer a variety of dance floors featuring some of the best local and international DJs, and several areas where drag racers can chill and take in what promises to be one of the best nights of the December festivities. And naturally, there will be drag performances galore. The best thing about this year’s venue is that every dance floor is indoors so intricate headgear will not be blown away by the notorious Cape Doctor. Whether you decide to come as Trailer Park Trash or a Glamorous Glamazon, come and make a spectacle of yourself. So Start your Engines, and may the best wo/man win!

MCQP: Drag Race will start at 7pm on Saturday, 15 December.

Tickets available from Quicket.

Early Bird General Access tickets are R370 until 15th November after which the price is R460.

There are discounts for teams of 10, 15 or 20 party goers. Check on Quicket