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Metrosexuality And Gay Men

Metrosexuality And Gay Men

When metrosexuality came onto the scene, we gay men and our hags didn’t know what to do with ourselves. It wasn’t that we didn’t appreciate good looking men taking pride in their appearance. It was the challenge of filtering out who was gay and who was straight, and the challenge continues.

We’ve all known those men that have shocked the living hell out of us. We were 100% sure they were gay, until we found out that not only was he straight, but he had a wife and two kids… Oh sure.

As someone who firmly believes that everyone is a little bit gay, it’s hard to understand how a person with obvious gay tendencies, mannerisms, or attitudes can take all the perks of being gay without the bad, i.e. discrimination and prejudice. But that’s neither here nor there.

Still, I do love me a well-kept man. Gay, straight, bi, whatever, eye candy is eye candy. But it always helps to have a bit of a blueprint in decoding the metrosexual mind game.

Does He Spend More Time In The Mirror Than His Girlfriend?
It’s never sexy when a boyfriend and girlfriend are fighting over bathroom time. If there is a constant competition over which one is prettiest, he might be a little insensitive to her needs. Metrosexuals love to look their best, but never at the expense of their girlfriend.

Does He Flaunt His Products?
Typically, a metrosexual will know that his lifestyle isn’t the most idolized. For this reason, he usually keeps his products under wraps to not be targeted by his more masculine buddies. If he loves to talk about his process and discuss ways to improve, he may not be totally straight.

Does He Only Look At The Pictures In Fashion Magazines?
A metrosexual loves to look at fashion, but only when it involves him. The idea of being obsessed with fashion as a whole or in general terms isn’t a common trait. If he spends two hours talking about Fall’s upcoming trends or how Valentino is God’s greatest gift to women’s fashion, you might want to swallow a couple breath mints because he could be gay.

Does He Spend More Money On Products Than Anything Else?
Though it’s typical for most metrosexuals to spend a buck load of money on their appearance, it’s not just about that for them. Metrosexuality is a lifestyle, i.e. clothes, product, artificial purchases, home décor, music, food. Take a closer look at all these qualities and decide for yourself.

Does He Fish For Compliments?
Gay people love to fish for compliments, it’s become part of our charm. Some people hate it, some people think it’s funny. However, the metrosexual usually let’s his lifestyle speak for itself. He’s typically grounded in his own lavishness that he doesn’t need to fish for compliments. This is why they have a bad reputation of being arrogant or cocky.

Does He Look At Other Guys?
The metrosexual doesn’t just admire other men’s clothes, but he also compares their bodies. They talk about their six packs, hairstyles, workout routines, or clothes, which leads to a comparing contest. The trick here is figuring out if he’s admiring the other guy’s lifestyle or desiring him in a sexual way.

Does He Flirt With Women Or Is He More Friendly?
When he has an opportunity to flirt, the metrosexual will most likely take it. Even though his way of flirting is typically self-promoting, he will use it as a chance to hone his game. If his communication with a woman is more like a fag hag relationship, think twice.