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Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF

So if you are tired of the body fascism that dominates so much of the gay world these days, here’s a body positive antidote with a literary slant. Naked Girls Reading Cape Town is back with another Queerly Beloved show – dedicated entirely to queer writers, queer readings and LGBTQI stories. They’re here, they’re queer and they’re absolutely naked!

Naked Girls Reading is global movement about creating a platform for women (and sometimes men) to claim back the beauty of their bodies. Nudity in theatre is not something new, but using nudity to fuel literacy is. Each presentation challenges a range of preconceived ideas surrounding nudity, literacy and the female form.  Naked Girls Reading is a nude literary salon that takes place in twenty cities around the world and on five different continents. The Cape Town chapter was launched as the first in Africa in 2014. There is also a chapter now operating in Johannesburg.   The Cape Town chapter of this international event has been described as a “performance art sensation” on eTV Primetime News and has been featured in The Sunday Times, Elle magazine and on Good Hope FM.  At each event, a small cast of beautiful women of various shape and size remove their clothing (yes, all of it) and read personal selections to an adoring audience. It is entertaining, magical, often funny, sometimes heart wrenching and really very sexy.

The first Cape Town outing of 2019, Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF is exactly what it sounds like – completely nude, queer women reading literature aloud. It’s a sexy book club and a sumptuous and scandalous event sure to arouse, educate and entertain all at once. Naked Girls will be sauntering through a literary landscape of all things camp and the unclad readers on stage will share a lively selection of LGBTQI literature to leave you laughing, provoked and full of Pride.

You may have questions. Are the girls really naked? Yes, they are.

Is the audience naked? No, they are not.

Do the girls read to themselves or out loud? They read out loud to the audience. The point is to re-instil a love for literacy before real live people.

Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF is a literary event not to missed, featuring these mesmerising readers:

  • Tswana Hippie has been snatching edges, practicing black magic, dropping gems like a careless jeweller and giving bigots the middle finger since 1991. She’s an executive optimist, a feeling force, an over thinker, a curious blue-sky hedonist, a seasoned fun time, an artful firebrand, a comical workaholic that belongs to the night, a slick nudist, and a fairy always.
  • Baby Ray is a professional Burlesque Artiste with over five years’ experience in the art of tease and the producer and creator of the Baby Grand Burlesque Festival. She is a proud lesbian, feminist and rape counsellor with a postgraduate degree in psychology.
  • Velvet Nix is a queer feminist, communications activist, community worker, runner, lover, spiritual warrior, gratitude journal keeper and manifestor of magic. She is inspired by brave womxn, Pan Afrikanism, the pursuit of sex positivity and uplifting the sexual liberation movement.
  • Charlie French is a queer Jack of All Trades, Master of Fun and originator of Naked Girls Reading in Cape Town.

Naked Girls Reading presents Queer AF will be happening at Alexander Bar and Theatre for two nights only. Shows are at 7.00pm on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March. Duration is 60 minutes with no interval.

Tickets are R150 booked online here:

Otherwise tickets are R170 but please note capacity is limited and ticket availability at the door is not guaranteed.