Dutch King Visits LGBT Activists-queerlife

Dutch King Visits LGBT Activists

Over in the Netherlands the country's reigning monarch, King Willem Alexander has paid a historic first visit to local gay rights group, COC Netherlands, in a rare tribute to the
Africa Fails To Block UN Gay Expert-queerlife

Africa Fails To Block UN Gay Expert

Over at the UN headquarters a bid by African countries to delay the appointment of the first-ever United Nations expert tasked with investigating LGBT rights abuses worldwide was defeated earlier
Solidarity with Egypt LGBT‎

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT‎

Over the past few weeks, Egypt has witnessed a violent attack on individuals based on their sexual orientation. 57 people were arrested according to the EIPR statistics, 9 of them
Homophobic Bullies

Homophobic Bullies Claim Another

Over in Australia homophobic bullying claimed yet another young life after a 13-year-old took his own life after enduring years of physical and emotional bullying because he happened to be