Hardcore Porn? Local film banned

Inxeba has been reclassified by the Film Publications Board from 16LS to X18, the same class as hard porn. Inxeba, otherwise known as The Wound is South Africa’s big Oscar

Help us find Ross Govender

Have you seen Ross Govender? Ross Govender has been missing since Friday 19th January. Ross was last seen at Babylon Bar on Friday night where he was seen leaving the
Anti-Gay South African Venue

Anti-Gay South African Venue

Good day to all of you.I would like to bring this Restaurant and Wedding venue (Schoongezicht) under you attention. It has come to light that this business don't want/or does

Ins and Outs of Sexpo 2015

Sex definitely still sells, even in South Africa and With slightly fewer than 200 000 people that attended the show this year, Sexpo’s ticket sales for the Johannesburg event alone