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Orgasmic Faces

For most gay guys, orgasms are the number one intention behind sex. We both need to get off and we both want to use each other to do so.

However, if you ask me, it’s what’s behind the orgasm that matter most. The journey to get there is just as important as the act itself. Maybe it’s time to stop depending on horoscopes to tell your future and start paying attention to what’s happening in the sheets.

I’m a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a man’s character by the way he has sex. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the red flags and ignored them, but over the years I’ve taken a lot of notes. And now I’m willing to share them with the world. Here are a few to put in your back pocket:

Verbal Moaning

f**k yes” “just like that” or “come on baby

You aren’t afraid to speak your mind, especially to those you know won’t judge you. You want your partner to know how you’re feeling, i.e. you want him in the loop. Chances are, you’re a good communicator when it comes to relationships and at the workplace. Your mental filter is pretty small, making it hard for you to hide your true character. But be careful, sometimes you might blurt things out without thinking which might get you into trouble. Just because you’re fearless doesn’t mean you should give your opinions carelessly.

Soft & Breathy

…haaah.. (Climactic sighs and gasps as you reach the epitome of climax)

Your natural response is to focus on the feeling. Emotions influence your perception of people, but that doesn’t mean you’re naive or vulnerable to the world’s evil. In fact, because emotions play a major role in the development of your psyche, you’re much more intuitive than others, allowing you to spot the bad eggs from the good eggs. Whether you know it or not, you act as a counselor to others and people feel comfortable sharing their intimate secrets with you. That’s a big job but it’s easy to get sucked into their energy. Stand your guard.

Demanding & Aggressive Commands

Don’t stop! Harder, Harder! Give it to me! Pound my ass!

It’s clear you like to take control. Though most of the people in your life have figured it out by now, there are also those who might get a little turned off by it – as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now too. But that’s okay because you know what you want and you’re not afraid of risking a bit of likability for it. Most of the time, you find what you want so it always works out for the better. You’re a bull and if you put your mind where it needs to be, you can accomplish virtually anything you want in life. The only thing that’s stoping you is you.

Face Covering & Biting Of The Pillow

I’m coming, I’m coming! (Reach for the pillow to hide your sex face)

For whatever reason, pleasure has turned into punishment. There’s nothing wrong with trying to hide an ugly sex face, but if it’s a common occurrence it might be time to investigate how valuable you think you’re worth. Are you still having sex with a shirt on? In the dark? Under the sheets? Don’t be scared of being vulnerable, especially in front of the people you have sex. The sexier you feel, the more able you are to show your confidence to the world. Look into the eyes of your man and own yourself.

Loud Cries of Ecstasy

Uh, Uh, Uh, Yes, Ahhhhh!!!

You’re not afraid of looking vulnerable, which has gotten you far ahead in life. When other people see the glass half empty, you see it as half full. There’s no experience that isn’t reaping with potential for you. You love collaborating, meeting new people and sharing your experiences, but you have a very clear limit. You’re susceptible to grudges and probably find it difficult forgiving the simplest of things. There’s nothing wrong with that, because you also find it easy to forget. Rarely do forgive and forget exist together – it’s either one or the other. But hey, it’s your form of survival and it’s been working very well thus far. As long as no one gets hurt, your heart and soul will always be protected.

I Love You’s

Oh, I love you…ahhh. I love you.

Sex isn’t about f**king. It’s about making love, building a connection and creating a bonding. You’ve experienced a lot of divisiveness from past relationships because of it. For longest time, you might have felt stupid for wearing your heart on your sleeve, that is, until you met (or meet) him. Gay guys nowadays are all about the wham bam thank you, sir’s. It’s rare to find a person who sees sex as something intimate. Own it. Relish in the fact that you’re able to separate your body from your brain. You’re not easily hypnotized by a man’s body which makes you more able to see inside their soul. While the rest of the people at the bar might be sitting around judging others, you’re the one who’s having the best time which means you’re the one who gets flirted with more often. Why? Because you have a genuine heart that is contagious to everyone around you. Little do you know, you probably inspire people to become a better person. It might take a while to find a man who shares your insight, but as soon as you do it’ll be like fireworks.

The Suppressed Scream

Oh! (Tighten your lips so no sound can escape)

You’re hesitant to share intimate sides of yourself with other people. While gay guys around you try desperately to pull it out, you only give them what you feel comfortable showing. More of an introvert than an extrovert, people might have the wrong impression of you. But the best part is, because you enjoy to observe things, you are able to see the hypocrisy much of the world tries to cover over. You have tremendous gifts and everyone knows it. The most important part is to not let fear cloud your confidence.

Prolonged Exhale

Ahhhhhh… (Long exhale into deep relaxation after climax)

You’re very good at getting things done, perhaps too good. You’re probably more focused on the bigger picture rather than the journey it takes to get there. Some might think it’s a bad quality to have, but hey, you always get there right? There’s nothing wrong with being an opportunist, which is what you are. You’re definitely a doer rather than a dreamer, but sometimes you have the habit of overstaying your welcome as a micro manager. Learn how to trust people a little more, you might find the experience goes from 0 to 60 in no time.

Holding Your Breath

“….” (Right on the edge of climax, you hold your breath until it’s over)

Your dignity is more important to you than anything in the world. In your mind, the smallest of things “threaten” it which make it harder to do the things you really want to do. You can’t have a one night stand without feeling dreadfully guilty about it afterwards. You can’t be two minutes late to a work meeting without assuming it’s detrimental to your future. Nothing wrong with maintaining a level of stature, but there comes a time when you need to let go and let God. Sometimes the undying effort to preserve your reputation becomes the very thing that ruins it.

Silent But Golden

(Slight sigh, clenched body, great cum shot)

You think the moans and groans of sex are too cliche. It’s a turn on for you to hear other people do it, but for whatever reason it feels disingenuous to hear them come out of your mouth. Chances are, this kind of logic bleeds into your perception of society. It’s easy to call people out on things but when you do them yourself, it doesn’t seem as bad – at least in your mind. You have a heightened sense of how the world views you. Whether it’s good or bad depends on how satisfied you are in life. You care a lot about what people think, but not to the point where it becomes detrimental to your livelihood. The person you trust the most in this world is you. Here’s a big life lesson: sometimes the only way to step higher on the social ladder is to feel vulnerable. You should try it sometime.