Pain & Glory!

Pain and Glory!

Antonio Banderas delivers budget acting as the director and movie legend Salvador Mallo, and is also featured throughout the movie in Almodóvar’s colorful shirts and shoes. The actor, with a shock of hair and beard in places gray, grow and shrink with the plot and thus captures the character’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly secure.

Salvador suffers from various ailments in the end cause he can not make any more films. Physical and emotional pain, causing him to fall into a cycle of depression. “I know the fear of not being able to make movies very well and can compare with it,” says Almodóvar from a personal perspective.

A chance encounter put him in touch with his former colleagues, Alberto ( Asier Etxeandia ), who became estranged from him because of his drug addiction. Alberto has not yet healed completely from his addiction, but Salvador’s risk of falling into addiction is much higher than his. They newfound friendship is tested when they drugged at the preview of one of their old arrived movies, with catastrophic and hilarious consequences.

After he saw a personal monologue on Salvador’s laptop, convinced Alberto for Salvador to allow him to run it as a one-man show. Salvador agreed, on condition that he not be listed as an author. This simple action, a series of events results leading to a remarkable and very tender reunion.

PAIN AND GLORY two story lines: The current, which Salvador and Alberto resumed their friendship and he hooked touch heroin, pain medication and alcohol, which expire him deeper and deeper into a world of memories – of which the second story arises.

The flashbacks reveal how gradually Salvador and his mother, Jacinta ( Penelope Cruz ), during his childhood lived in a poor cave-like house. Julieta Serrano , who is an excellent interpretation deliver as his mother in her 80s, reveals in a bright moment he never a good son was.

PAIN AND GLORY distributed by Filmfinity (Pty) Ltd. and will start turning in local cinemas on December 6, 2019, but avid fans of Almodóvar’s work can already watch the film at the European Film Festival will take place at the following Ster Kinekor theaters from 30 November to 4 December 2019:

JHB (SKT Rosebank Nouveau)

30 Nov at 20:45

4 Dec at 20:15

PTA (SKT Brooklyn Nouveau)

1 Dec at 18:15

4 Dec at 20:00

CPT (CCT V & A Nouveau)

30 Nov at 20:15

4 Dec at 20:00

PAIN AND GLORY Pedro Almodóvar’s best and most personal work to date. It is story of memories, regrets and acceptance and let the lines between art and life blur. It is a mix between autobiographical information and fiction, with a powerful effect. As the title reveals, the end result is a whirlwind of sorrow and joy, viewers – from start to finish – will buoy.


Ster Kinekor:

Rosebank Nouveau

Boorklyn Nouveau

V & A Nouveau


Hyde Park

V & A Waterfront


Labia Orange St.


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