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Pay Your Fines On Your Phone

Pay Your Fines On Your Phone

South Africa’s city of Cape Town recently implemented new technology that will allow motorists to pay their traffic fines via mobile devices or from the personal computers.

The city recently piloted an SMS service which sends a message to the motorist with a link to their fine. The link is to a secure webpage which requires your ID number. Users can then download or email the fine to themselves.

The link also offers users the option to pay the fine right then and there.

While this will not replace the mailing of first notices, it will make sure that motorists are informed about their fines timeously.

“These smart text messages are designed to make life easier for our residents and take the pain out of paying traffic fines. Secondly, they’ll be very useful in ensuring that motorists receive timeous notification of outstanding fines as we do experience challenges with first notices getting lost or being delayed in the postal system, but also motorists who don’t update their address details on eNatis and subsequently do not receive the fines,” the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith, said in a statement.

The digital fines are viewable on all mobile operating systems and on most browsers.

“This service is meant to simplify life for everyone involved and I invite the public to use the system and give us feedback so that we can tweak it if need be. We’re living in a technologically driven world and I’m quite excited that we’re getting into the fast lane with this initiative,” Smith said.