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Pride for All

Pride for All 2021: Resilience

The LGBT+ community has always demonstrated both strength and resilience throughout history. Our year has been no different from the year before that. We are maintaining our strength and remaining optimistic as we enter our second year of worldwide LGBT+ community oppression and adversity.

During the past year, the LGBT+ community has bonded together in an unprecedented way to respond to the pandemic.

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This organisation is dedicated to preserving the human rights of LGBT+ persons around the world, and one of its methods is providing aid to Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK-based organisation. LGBT+ individuals everywhere has access to free, safe, and equal world. Together, we can ensure no one is left behind in the battle for liberty, safety, and equality for the LGBT+ community. Support Kaleidoscope Trust’s mission by donating money.

Come celebrate with us the fact that we exist, and to protest against the injustices that our community faces. There is no limit to what we can achieve when we join together in person or online.

Above all, we are strong and resilient.

Source: Pink News