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Proud Gay Dads had Triplets

In South Africa’s Pretoria, Christo and Theo Menelaou are now two proud – out and proud – dads.

Medical professionals believe they are the first gay couple in South Africa to biologically father triplets with the assistance of a surrogate mom.

Sky news reported that the couple went to an egg bank to select the eggs which would be fertilised with each dad’s sperm. After choosing eggs, two eggs were fertilised – one with Theo’s and the other with Christo’s sperm.

Both eggs were then implanted and during a routine 10-week scan, it was discovered that both ova had successfully attached to the surrogate’s womb, but one of the fertilised eggs had split, which resulted in identical twins.

Resulting in the twin girls Zoe and Kate having Theo’s DNA, and their son Joshua, Christo’s DNA.

The occurrence is considered a rarity by many healthcare professionals.

At one stage Christo and Theo were advised to terminate two babies, in order to give one baby a greater chance of survival but they declined and sourced gynaecologists who would agree to help them deliver the triplets who were eventually born in July.

They were born premature however and weighed just over 1kg each. Kate, Zoe and Joshua spent a number of days in hospital, where they were closely monitored.

The triplets are at home now and the dads are enjoying every moment with their little ones with the help of two nurses. One of the twins, Kate, will have to undergo heart surgery in a few months.

Theo and Christo told SkyNews that they are eternally grateful for their miracle babies. They consider themselves happy and blessed.