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Uganda's most feared Gay Hater in Government, Rebecca Kadaga, goes on gay hate rant

Ignorant Kadaga Strikes Again

30 June 2016

Over in homophobic Uganda, one of the country's most feared gay haters in government, Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Uganda's Parliament, this week proved once again exactly how ignorant the poor woman is.

In a speech where she urged the country’s youth to become “ground fighters” in the national battle against homosexuality she claimed that “the Canadian court has legalised sex with dogs in addition to homosexuality.”

Rebecca Kadaga made the comments at a party hosted by local youth leaders to congratulate her on her reelection to Parliament last February.

In her speech she also said that she has proof that foreign NGOs working in Uganda are recruiting children into homosexuality.

AllAfrica Reports:
Ms Kadaga said the youth are soft targets for homosexuals and pro-gay lobbyists from the Western world using scholarships and donor organisations to spread the vice and lure young people into it.

“We must stand against homosexuality and I enlist you as ground fighters against the vice among your fellow youth. Secure them from the vice with a vibrant programme,” Ms Kadaga said and warned the youth against being used as conduits…

She said there is credible information that some NGOs are recruiting children into homosexuality in Kamuli, asking security organs to investigate the issue and take appropriate action.

“It is disheartening that the social media reported that the Canadian court has legalised sex with dogs in addition to homosexuality. So security, act on these organisations luring innocent kids or we hold you as accomplices to the vice,” Ms Kadaga said.

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