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Malawi Arrests Gay Men

Malawi Arrests Gay Men

13 December 2015

Over in the tiny homophobic African country of Malawi police have arrested and allegedly tortured two men for having sex with each other despite government assurances that it won’t enforce the country’s anti-gay laws.

According to local media, the two men were arrested at one of the men’s homes by local police in the capital Lilongwe after neighbours apparently reported the couple to the police.

Kanengo Police Station Spokesperson, Esther Mkwanda, confirmed the arrest of a 19-year-old student and 33-year-old man on charges of having “carnal knowledge of each other.”

Mkwanda told reporters:
“Currently, the two suspects are in our custody waiting for medical results and investigating the matter further. After that [we] will charge them with appropriate offences under the laws of Malawi once all investigations are done.”

It must be noted that Anal exams have been deemed to be medically inconclusive, a human rights violation and a form of torture. Facts which are still ignored by many Anti-Gay African countries.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malawi, with penalties of up to 14-years imprisonment, HOWEVER, the Malawian government told a UN human rights committee last year that the authorities would not enforce the law.

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