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Malawi's government reaffirmed its decision NOT to prosecute gays

Malawi Won't Prosecute Gays

4 January 2016

Over in Malawi, the African nation's government has reaffirmed its decision to stop the arrest and prosecution of its gay citizens while local lawmakers review existing anti-gay laws.

Equality activist groups, Human Rights Watch and the Centre for the Development of the People, praised the Malawian government for upholding its 2012 commitment, after prosecutors recently dropped all charges against a gay couple arrested in December.

Activists said the two men were detained by a local neighbourhood watch team, who turned them over to police. The men were forced to undergo medical tests and charged with sodomy. This was the first reported arrest since 2009, when a gay couple was jailed and pardoned a year later.

In a statement published by a Malawian newspaper, the country's Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said no arrests or prosecutions must occur while the country reviews its laws.

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