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2015 Alfa Guilietta

2015 Alfa Guilietta

By Franky Johnson

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has long been an outsider’s choice in the extremely competitive hot-hatch class.

Since going on sale in South Africa the Giulietta has occupied a niche in the market that values style and grace above raw speed. And who hasn’t at some point wanted something fast and Italian?

But the 2015 updated version is a little different. This version is about BOTH style and substance.

It doesn’t look much different, but it’s received some changes where it counts. Looks were never the old Guilietta’s problem anyway.

Rather, the money has been spent improving the dated cabin with sexy new sports seats and a decent touchscreen infotainment system, at last.

Meantime under the bonnet, Alfa has fitted the gruffer and lighter 1.75-litre engine from the 4C coupe, matched to a six-speed TCT dual-clutch auto with paddles and a revised intake and exhaust system that gives it a better sound.

As before, power is sent through the front wheels, which is rather de rigeur for this class.

The changes are more in line with a significant update rather than an entirely new-generation car. We know Alfa plans two new compact cars before 2018, so this car will be around for a few years yet.

That being said, the Guilietta's updates are most welcome.

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