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Added Plus For BMW Bikes

By Franky Johnson

Bikers can now enhance their new BMW motorbike with an Intelligent Emergency Call system.

In the event of a serious accident, the system automatically sends out an SOS alerting the emergency services and giving them the bike's exact position.

If the accident is not severe, the system will prepare to call for help, but will only do so if the rider doesn't cancel the command within 25 seconds.

A rider witnessing an accident can use the sytem to call for help, and do so in his or her native language, no matter where in the world they're riding.

Emergency call systems are scientifically proven to save lives by reducing the response time of emergency services and altering them ahead of time as to the severity of an accident.

Its interesting to note that from 2018 they will be compulsory on all new cars sold in Europe.

However, the compulsory fitting of these systems to powered two-wheel vehicles is still in the consultation stage.

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