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Station On Bree Cape Town

Cape Town's New Station On Bree

Submitted by Ivan Booth

Cape Town's emerging status as a top destination city has been further solidified with the recent launch of an exciting and unique meeting place appealing to the well-travelled global citizen and hip locals looking for the next “in” venue.

The Station on Bree offers several themed ‘stations’ brimming with authentic detail and well-suited to the eclectic tastes of Capetonians and international visitors, who will recognise hallmarks of the UK's famous tube system.

According to The Station on Bree founder and owner, Neil Basel in association with partners, there has not - until now - been a themed venue offering a diverse range of entertainment in a prime location. "Our character-filled heritage venue offers a convincing commuter experience across multiple levels and platforms, from coffee to club vibe. The concept is hip and colourful and the design team have effectively and cleverly carried the fun theme throughout the venue, from train seating to courtyard bus shelter to Underground dance floor," he explains.

Patrons are reminded to 'Mind The Gap' as they navigate the venue's mix of authentic stations, all designed to appeal at different times of the day and night. Appealing to the morning hustle and bustle of the city commute is The Station, where locally-sourced Mischu premium coffee and fresh artisanal pastries are on offer to commuters on their way to work.

Then there is the 207 Bree Street Platform, a cocktail station serving 11 varieties of liquid delight inspired by the 11 lines of the London Underground. "The Station on Bree is set to become THE hot spot for before and after-dinner drinks. We have created an atmosphere that invites coffee culture aficionados to remain with us as the day unfolds, whether connecting to wi-fi, working or networking, and to invite their friends to join them for after-work drinks and a full on party late into the night" says Basel.

Complementing all of this is an unpretentious street food menu designed to be enjoyed at any time of the day or night at The Station. "Pita kebabs, bunny chow sliders and falafels, for example, are menu items that can be counted on for taste and convenience, two non-negotiables for any city commuter," Neil explained.

When it comes to satisfying the taste buds of commuters with a particular affinity for the noble fruit, The Station on Bree has introduced a Gold (MCC & Champagne) line; a White line (white wine) and a Red line (red wine). Each line essentially offers first class, second class and third class options of wine.

What make this spot really exciting and breaks the coffee shop mould is the variety of music and DJs, guest engagements and the best (and most unusual) Underground dance floor Cape Town has to offer right now.

Operating times are Mondays 9am to 5pm and Tuesdays to Saturdays 9am until late. (Closed Sundays).

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