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How Cocky Are You?

By Alex James

Are you an Alpha male? Do you like prancing around and flaunting it whenever and wherever you get a chance?

Narcissism is not only bad for relationships, a recent study from the US says it’s also bad for a man’s health.

Researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia concluded that vain men who registered strong characteristics of destructive narcissistic traits like entitlement and exploitativeness had far higher levels of cortisol, which is a known stress hormone that leads to high blood pressure and heart troubles.

The study put 106 people through a 40-item questionnaire to measure their levels of narcissism. Three of the five narcissistic personality characteristics -- leadership/authority, superiority/arrogance and self-absorption/self-admiration -- are considered healthy.

People who scored high in those categories were not found to have increased stress levels. But those who scored highest in the bad types were found to have the highest traces of cortisol, and therefore higher levels of stress.

Interestingly enough, women were found to be just as narcissistic as men -- but are less affected by the stressful consequences.

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