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Fun Facts About Beach Wear

For much of recorded history, men bathed in the nude; in some settings during the classical antiquity period, both men and women partially covered themselves with loincloths. By and large, however, because men and women tended not to swim together, men favoured diving into the water either in their underwear or completely naked.

It wasn’t until the Victorian era, when rail travel increased the popularity of seaside holidays, that men's beachwear was introduced and became the norm.

Early versions of men’s swimwear consisted of a fitted long-sleeved wool garment with legs. In the 1900s, obsessive concern with modesty led to the “Bathing Suit Regulations of 1917”, whereby men were required to be completely covered, resulting in beachwear that included skirts, flannel knee pants and vests.

Finally, in 1937, following the promotion of a line of swimsuits by Olympic swimmer Johnny Weismuller, men reclaimed the right to go topless at the beach. From then on, swimming trunks became the most commonly worn beachwear for men in one form or another.

In the '60s, vinyl panels were added, while in the '70s, cutoffs were popular, and Lycra Speedos dominated the '80s. The revival of surfing culture in the '90s popularized the board short, and the influence of Brazilian culture brought additional options to the male swimsuit market.

Finding the right swimwear isn’t always a day at the beach. Each summer brings about new styles, and it’s important that you keep cool by refreshing your swim trunks every season because nowhere is it more apparent that you’re out-of-season than when you go seaside.

It’s important that your swimwear makes you feel comfortable. Being in a bathing suit is really just one stop away from your birthday suit, so you want to look good in that final transitional stage (Its well known that there’s hardly a person alive who doesn’t feel a bit vulnerable in their bathing suit).

Horrifying Men's Beachwear Fact
Over 10,000 "mankinis" (a one piece thong swim suit for men) have been sold since 2007. When Sacha Baron Cohen donned a painfully bright and tight lime-green mankini as Borat, sales for the humiliating suit soared -- proving so popular as a gag with men on a quest for a raucous night out -- that Alexander McQueen even created his own version, the McQuini, in 2008.

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