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Taking A Good Selfie

If there is one thing the internet will forever be famous for its the selfie. Have you hashtagged YOUR selfie yet?

From around 2013 everyone from Oxford to Obama, Cairo to Zuma, took a dip in the DIY pic pool, and let’s just say the results weren’t always cover-worthy (at least not for the right reasons). So, to get things going right again here's a few tips for making your mug look better the next time you decide to point and shoot.

Forget Your Reflection
If this were a test, we’re pretty sure having a mirror in the mix would count as cheating. And to make matters worse, it’s like having a "C" student do the work for you -- the image is backward, the flash produces glare and the final product feels as though it belongs in a dark corner of Grindr.

Background Check
You may be flying solo, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to see what’s going on behind you. Does your bedroom look like a nuclear war zone? Is there a naked stranger strolling by? All it takes is a quick peek over your shoulders to prevent your selfie from getting photobombed.

Lighten Up
Most selfies (and, indeed, photos in general) suffer from poor lighting. You should be facing your light source, preferably natural light filtered through a window. Direct sunlight can oftentimes be too harsh and indoor lighting, particularly when it’s fluorescent, can cast a nasty yellowish hue on your head. Tempted to toggle that flash on? Think again. You’ll likely end up with a serious case of red eye

Keep It Clean
Don’t let liquor or an ego-swelling workout cloud your judgment. Remember Geraldo Rivera’s post-shower shoot? That haunting image will probably be bouncing off our retinas for eternity. But even if your intention is to be more discreet than Grandpa G, there’s no telling in this day and age who could eventually get their hands on your softcore photo session.

Find Your Best Side
Everyone has their ideal angles. There are very few folks who can handle full-frontal, so try maneuvering your mug ever-so-slightly to the side with the camera positioned from above. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself packing on some extra pounds.

Don't Be A Duckface
The ubiquitous mouth pout was once reserved for female selfies, but these days, there’s no shortage of dudes puckering up in their pics, too. Even if you’re doing the duck as a joke, consider yourself tardy for the party. At this point, the joke is on you.

Smile. Without Actually Smiling.
Tyra Banks pretty much based her entire TV series on it. After 20 seasons, America's Next Top Model taught us that looking at the lens with a vacant stare is really bad and will definitely get you sent home. Instead, think of something good and squint your eyes just a smidge so you seem like you have a purpose.

More Is More.
Ever wonder how some of your friends always take kick-ass selfies? Well, chances are they don’t nail it on the first try every time. They just take tons of photos, so they wind up with a selection of shots fit for broadcast.

Make Your Neck Work
Even the skinny kid can manage to grow a second (or third) chin without proper neck positioning. Just before you snap your shot, relax the muscles in your neck and stick out your head. Yes, it may feel strange, but your selfie will thank you.

Be Confident
Shy and selfie just don’t go together. After all, since you wanted to be your camera’s center of attention in the first place, there has to be at least a part of you that’s narcissistic.

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