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Annoying Cell Phone Habits

Annoying Cell Phone Habits

By James Parker

Lets face it. For sheer social survival staying connected has never been as important as it is right now. Well, for the majoriy of us anyway.

We have developed a love affair with our smartphones — to the exclusion of other, more important thing in life. Ever since all the major brands, such as Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung raised their game and started releasing high end mobile phones at competitive prices, there have been upward trends in owning cell phones across the globe and with 967.78m units sold across the world, almost everyone in civilized countries owns a cellphone.

We have become infatuated with our smartphones and cannot seem to put them down. We have all made these mistakes in the past. When committing these infractions, we send strong visual and non-verbal messages to those around us – stronger than what one could possibly say to the person on the phone.

Below, we have collected the 10 most annoying cellphone habits that you should be aware of – do not be the one people notice at the theater or in line at the grocery store. A few simple courtesies go a long way.

1. Texting while driving – a deadly habit

According to a CNN article, this is one of the most annoying cell phone habits. This is not only annoying, but one of the most dangerous habits. Campaigns like ItCanWait have joined forces with companies such as AT&T to send a clear message about the importance of keeping your eyes on the road. According to a report by the NY Times, “Studies say that drivers using phones are four times as likely to cause a crash as other drivers, and the likelihood that they will crash is equal to that of someone with a .08 percent blood alcohol level; the point at which drivers are generally considered intoxicated.” According to another source, Chron, 40 Texas cities have banned texting and driving. In the split-second that it takes for you to look away, a deadly catastrophic accident can occur — loss of limb or life — yours or someone else’s.

2. Checking your phone during conversations or meetings

This annoying cell phone habit is nothing short of disrespectful and rude. It clearly sends a message that you are not interested in what the speaker has to say. Others take notice of this behavior – they not only lose respect for you, but you have compromised your integrity and will not be taken seriously the next time you have something of importance to say. In any social event, it is perceptive and tactful to keep your phone off your lap and off the table and. Give your full attention to the person speaking

3. People texting each other in front of you

This annoying habit goes beyond disrespectful and rude – it clearly sends a message that the person or persons in front of you are far less important than what you have to say to your phone buddies. According to a survey by Entrepreneur.com, “…42% of the people surveyed said people should keep their phones in their bag or pocket when out with friends and 48% percent said people should do the same when they’re on a date.”

4. Walking and texting

When sharing a walkway, courtesy dictates that you watch out for others. It is everyone’s responsibility. Walking and texting can lead to accidents that could have been prevented, such as knocking down an elderly person who breaks a hip, obstructing walkways causing other to have to dodge you, possibly injuring them in the process. “Hogging” public walkways such as sidewalks and aisles is not only annoying but very discourteous and disrespectful. By keeping a check on your moral compass, you ensure that you are not infringing on other peoples’ rights.

5. Talking loudly in confined spaces

Whether it is a doctor’s office, the elevator, or the lunchroom at work, talking on your cell phone requires the highest degree of courtesy to those around you. Talking loudly is annoying and very disruptive. Cellphone etiquette suggests that if you have to talk or text in a restricted area, leave the room, finish your conversation or text message, turn off your phone, and return to your seat.

When texting, checking email, blogging, playing games, etc., stop momentarily and smile, at people, making eye contact – even if it’s a total stranger taking as seat next to you in a waiting room.

6. Talking on the phone in line at the grocery store or drive-thru

There is nothing more painful to watch than one person disrespecting another person by treating him or her like an unworthy human, simply because they cannot put the phone down long enough to finish a transaction at the checkout. It is humiliating and strips the person of their dignity. Even worse, your integrity is questionable at best. The ability to digitally connect with those out of sight isn’t a substitute for acknowledging or connecting with those within sight—stranger or friend.

7. Texting at the movies

Texting and talking on the phone during a movie is out of control. USA Today reported that, “… in Los Angeles recently, a man asked the woman in front of him to turn off her phone, and she responded by turning around and spraying him with mace.” The public is outraged and wants theater management to handle the situation. Pre-movie reminders to turn off all devices do not seem to be adequately addressing the problem – moviegoers want more, saying that the onus is on theater management. Some have gone so far as to recommend communication devices similar to those on airline. The answer may lie in more aggressive monitoring and eviction of those who chose to disregard the policies.

8. Answering or texting at the dinner table

When you have joined family or friends for a social event, answering your mobile phone or texting during conversation or dinner is very anti-social behavior and rude. These are social events and as such, one should be immersed in them.

According to America's Emily Post Institute on Manners, when you have accepted an invitation to a social gathering, engaged in conversation, are in class, or at a meeting, avoid texting. Focus on your host and other guests. If the need arises and you need to call or accept a call, excuse yourself, but return quickly.

If you are eating alone, no problem. Call whomever you want and talk for as long as you want.

9. Annoying ringtones

Ringtones are very personal — you identify those in your calling circle by certain ringtones, whether song clips or other sound clips. Your ringtone is an expression of your uniqueness.

However, individuality is simply not enough for some. While picking some of the most obnoxious ringtones deliberately sounds entertaining to some, others do not quite see it that way. Of course, everyone has the right to choose what he or she likes and to play it as loud as he or she wants, provided it does not offend or cause others discomfort. Respect those around you – and play hard when nobody is watching!

10. Texting or talking while on the loo

One can only shake one's head at this annoying habit – not being able to set a phone down long enough to take care of business is truly sad.

Being morally responsible and respecting the social contract does not take much effort, just a little thought. Common courtesy is paramount when using a cell phone.

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