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The Art Of Spanking

By Alex James

To some it's the final indignity, to others a great psychological fix - all those years, and still you're allowed to be a baby - and a great way of getting the blood to flow for scintillating skin sensation.

For the top:

You see a pair of great buttocks floating inches from your hands; clearly, at the very least, a little light English-style smack must be in order - though it's always wise to ask if he wants you to do that.

For the bottom:

We're not talking real pain here. We're talking spanking. Sure, you'll feel it. There'll be the sudden, sharp instant, then a lingering glow and a feeling of being loosened up. But that's hardly the obstacle.

What might cause you to hesitate is the suspicion that this is just a little too kinky, that you're being reduced to accepting the role of naughty child. Sexual pride maybe?

If you try it, you might find you like it. Let yourself gasp a little. Feel free, as ever, to make some noise. And if pride is the problem, well, there is certainly a thrill to be had in the response your glute-trained behind is eliciting.

The Bottom line

The bottom line, so to speak, is this: Do you find it sexy? (If you do, and if he doesn't think of it, don't be afraid to ask.)

But if you try it and you really don't like it, change course - you're no doormat - and find a nice, tactful way to get him working on you in the ways you do want.

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