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Israeli Gay Hater Gets Life

27 June 2016

Over in Israel a local court sentenced an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man to life in prison for killing a 16-year-old girl and wounding others during a stabbing spree at a Jerusalem Gay Pride parade.

The Jerusalem District Court convicted Yishai Schlissel in April of murder and six counts of attempted murder for the July 2015 stabbings.

He was sentenced to life plus 31 years, a court statement said, after prosecutors had requested life plus 60 years.

Schlissel was led into the courtroom with both his hands and feet shackled.

The incident triggered harsh criticism of the police when it emerged that Schlissel had been released from prison only three weeks earlier after serving a 10-year sentence for a similar attack.

He had also posted a letter on the Internet speaking of the "abomination" of a Gay Pride parade being held in the Holy City and the need to stop it, even at the cost of one's life.

Many questioned how Schlissel, 40 when he was convicted, was allowed anywhere near the parade, which saw thousands marching through central Jerusalem.

Witnesses described terrifying scenes of Schlissel, with a long beard and dressed in the dark suit worn by ultra-Orthodox Jews, storming the parade with a knife.

During the trial, the court said police knew of the potential threat but failed to prevent it.

It said that "the gloomy picture arising is that lessons that should have been learned from the 2005 march were not implemented, and intelligence and other materials in possession of the police were not used prudently."

Six senior Israeli policemen were removed from their posts as a consequence.

The court also noted the "absurdity" in Schlissel being released without any supervision or having undergone rehabilitation.

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