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No Bermudan Gay Marriage

28 June 2016

The traditionally homophobic island nation of Bermuda has voted overwhelmingly against same-sex marriage in a referendum.

Just over 20,000 votes was cast in the island-wide vote, with 69% voting against same-sex marriage and only 31% in favour.

On civil unions the vote went 63% against. So Bermudans do not want to see gay unions in any way whatsoever.

HOWEVER, since only 20,804 of the 44,367 registered voters participated in the referendum and because this is below the 50% legal requirement for it to count, the referendum results became invalid.

This was Bermuda’s first referendum in 21 years since the island voted against being independent from Britain.

Same-sex marriage and civil unions were supported by Sir John Swan, even though the former Premier had originally voted against a bill that struck down Bermuda’s law that criminalized homosexuality.

‘The gay issue is not an issue in my house,’ Sir John said. ‘Everybody is the same. I have three children. They don’t have a lick of reservation in supporting this measure. Nor do I. I very clearly and emphatically support the ‘yes’ vote. We all should be treated equally.’

Michael Dunkley, the current Premier, said: ‘Any outcome is the will of the people and will guide their elected officials accordingly.’

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