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How straight TV presenters tackle homophobia in the Netherlands

Str8 Presenters Tackles Homophobia

30 June 2016

Straight Presenters Tackles HomophobiaOver in the Netherlands two straight Dutch male TV presenters made headlines challenging homophobia this week by appearing on a homoerotic cover for the local L'HOMO magazine.

Attitude magazine reports:
"Jan Versteegh and Tim Hofman, who host together on the Dutch broadcasting association BNN, have posed for the June Issue of L’Homo magazine to challenge perceptions of sexuality and masculinity.

“I think we have done this for more open discussion of [homosexuality] than we necessarily want to be in a sheet with our bare ass,” says Tim. “That’s nice, but secondary.”

Jan adds: “I hope we can show people that [it’s] just two men on a picture.”

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