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Singer Ryan Beatty declares himself a raging homosexual

Ryan Beatty comes out

3 July 2016 By Alan Frank - QL USA

Over in the US cyberspace was a-buzz last week when American teen heartthrob pop singer, Ryan Beatty not only publicly came out on Instagram but declared himself a “raging homosexual”.

He said on Instagram:

“Proud to be a raging homosexual, it’s taken 20 years of suffocating in the closet for me to become comfortable enough to say it, but now I can finally breathe. I did it!"

Later, he said on Twitter:

“Damn. I’m so grateful to have friends and family that support me and just want me to be happy, that’s unconditional love. thank you to anyone who’s reached out to me with the supportive words. I’m so happy.”

In an even later tweet, he reiterated, “I’m so happy I’m gay.”

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