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Drag queen gets 9 year prison sentence for driving over lesbians

Lesbian Hating Drag Queen

3 July 2016 By Susan Orr - QL Europe

Over in the UK a drag queen got sentenced to nine years and eight months in prison after plowing his car into a lesbian couple in South Wales.

During the sentencing Judge Michael Burr told Kristian Churchill, (a drag queen who performs under the alias Krystle Caress):
“You drove your car fast at the two young women. You intended to harm them seriously. Cars can be used as a deadly weapon – that was your intention.”

British tabloid, The Sun, reports that Churchill admitted to two charges of dangerous driving, drunk driving, and grievous bodily harm. According to reports, Churchill was at least twice over the legal drinking limit when he ran over 22-year-old Nikita Price, and her partner Lucy Gregory, 20.

Both women were pinned under the wheels of Churchill’s Renault Megane. Price had skin torn off her left leg, and Gregory sustained a broken back and double leg fracture that will leave her with a permanent limp. Churchill reportedly smiled vaguely as photos of the women’s injuries were shown to the court.

“Nikita remembers the car coming at them really fast,” said Prosecutor Matthew Roberts. “She blacked out and came around unable to feel her leg.” Lucy’s foot was in her face and she could tell from her screams she was in a significant amount of pain. Both women suffered life changing injuries – Nikita’s calf was torn off the bone.”

Gregory said: “I have nightmares that I’m still stuck under the car,” Gregory said in a victim impact statement. “I can’t work full time and I’m being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” The doctors managed to save my leg but I am in extreme pain every day. It may be years of operations and physiotherapy before I can walk again properly.”

According to reports, Churchill told passengers, “Now watch this!” right before running his vehicle into the two women.

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