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New stats reveal a spike of HIV infections among gay Englishmen

HIV Spike In England

6 July 2016

By Susan Orr - QL UK

New statistics in England reveal that sexually transmitted infections among the country's gay and bisexual male population increased by 10 per cent since 2014.

Dr Gwenda Hughes, the head of STI Surveillance at Public Health England, said:

“The new statistics show STI rates are still very high among gay men and young adults.

“We need to do more to raise awareness about STIs and how they can be prevented, especially the effectiveness of condoms.

“We recommend that anyone having sex with a new or casual partner uses condoms and tests regularly for HIV and STIs.

“It is also vital to ensure there is easy access to STI testing and treatment services that meet the needs of location populations.”

There were 434,456 reported STI infections in 2015, with 54,275 consisting of gay and bisexual men.

The study recommends that anyone who is under 25 and sexually active should be screened once a year or on change of sexual partner.

In England HIV tests are encouraged on a yearly basis or every three months if having unprotected sex.

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