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An Anti Gay Catholic Cardinal face child abuse allegations

Anti Gay Cardinal In The Pooh

28 July 2016
By Jamie O'Neal - QL NZ

In Australia, Catholic Cardinal George Pell, is widely known - and in some circles even infamous - for his hardline stance against homosexuality.

Cardinal George Pell, who was at various times Archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney before relocating to the Vatican, regularly campaigned against equality for glbti Australians and even refused communion to out and proud Catholics.

Now, Police child abuse investigations are turning up the heat on the Cardinal because he is facing multiple child abuse allegations, including from two men who say Pell touched them inappropriately at a town swimming pool in the 1970s. Another man says he saw Pell standing naked before young boys at a surf club changing room and is convinced the cleric was deliberately exposing himself to the boys. There are other allegations going back as far as the 1960 when Pell was a trainee priest.

As is usual for Catholic officials caught with their pants down, Pell denies the allegations and claims Australia's News media has embarked on a "scandalous smear campaign" against him.

Once asked how the church would address the issue of homophobia in schools, Pell replied: "We will be doing nothing to encourage the spread of the gay agenda in Catholic schools and we will be consistently working to oppose it".

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