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Russia Wants To Save World From Gays

Russia Wants To Save World From Gays

1 October 2015

Over in Putin's Russia the gay hating lawmaker who called on Russia to pass a law that banned ‘gay propaganda’ now want the rest of the world to follow suit.

Vitaly Milonov claims he is establishing an international organization in order to ‘save the international community from gays’.

It will be called, 'The Volunteers For Freedom'.

Milonov has said many people now consider himself as Russia’s ‘defender against injustice’ and a ‘leader of family values’.

The first meeting will be held on 26 October in St Petersburg, with participants invited from countries including Italy, Finland and Greece.

‘A number of my colleagues have already given a positive response, including those from Cyprus and Lebanon,’ Milonov said. ‘I will not disclose the names. The organization will be led by 10 to 12 people, real figures in European politics’.

He added: ‘The people who believe in real human rights in Europe are being humiliated, downtrodden and unheard. But in Russia, we see hope. We must give people hope.

‘We have long lived with the guilt that people “deserve gay parades” as if it were a violation of freedom. But it is not, Europe needs to help real people who are doing good things in the name of the family.’

Milonov has previously called for bans on shirtless men, Game of Thrones and Facebook due to what he perceives has illegal acts under the ‘gay propaganda’ law. He has also called for a Russian morality police to arrest LGBTI people, said gay activists should die for ‘extremism’ as well as comparing gay sex to having sex with your dog.

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