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Hollywood Must Do Better

1 October 2015

Over in the USA Advocacy group, GLAAD, have released a new video that exposes the lack of diversity in the mainstream film industry and highlights the casual homophobia written into a substantial number of films.

The video, ‘Hollywood Must Do Better’ is made up of clips from a number of blockbuster films released in the past five years.

GLAAD says when LGBT characters are written into a script the likelihood of this being a negative depiction or that they are on the receiving end of homophobia is alarming

They report that in 2014, only 17 films of more than 100 big film releases included an LGBT character, most often than not this character was a cameo role.

GLAAD CEO and president Sarah Kate Ellis told Variety when launching the campaign; “We’re still the butt of the joke. We’re still infrequently seen and when we are seen, it’s in a negative light.

“We want to show people and to build awareness of how bad mainstream films are,” she says. “Our greatest outcome would be for studios to take notice and understand that we are watching, we are paying attention and we are putting a concerted effort into changing things.”

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