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All Straight Men Download Grindr

All Straight Men Download Grindr?

5 October 2015

Over in the UK a young woman seeked answers on a relationship forum to he question if it was “normal” for her boyfriend to be using the gay dating app, Grindr.

After finding the app on her long term boyfriend’s phone, the young woman wrote on the forum that she confronted him and asked why it was on his phone.

Her boyfriend told her that it was normal to have the app – and that “all straight guys download it” to “just to see what the app is like.”

Her forum threads read like this:
“So the other day I found out that my boyfriend of like four years had downloaded Grindr (shamefully I was looking through his phone),” she wrote.

“He didn’t have a profile or anything but I confronted him and he told me that he looked as a joke and that all guys look up weird stuff like this.”

“He said it was ‘just to see what the app was like’ but that he is not gay or curious in any way,” she added.

“Is the whole ‘all guys look at it’ thing true, should I trust him, or should I try to talk to him more about it? Kind of freaking out and really confused.”

However, many others on the forum did not believe the boyfriend’s explanation. Here are a few responses:
“A straight man isn’t going to go near that app”

“He is curious at exploring his sexuality. He might have used it, it might not of, but he is curious.”#

“All guys who are cruising for dick do it…”

What do you think? In your personal experience - Do all straight men try out Grindr "to see what its like"?

All we can say is... BUSTED!!!

Source: Pinknews

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