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French Court Acknowledges 3rd Gender

French Court Acknowledges 3rd Gender

15 October 2015

Over in Europe a French court has recognized intersex as third gender for the first time in history, a local prosecutor revealed earlier this week.

The plaintiff was born in Tours with both male and female genitalia but designated male on his birth certificate – which the judge called a ‘work of fiction.’

However, the 20 August court ruling allows the individual to write ‘neutral gender’ on official documents, vice-prosecutor Joel Patard told AFP.

The plaintiff was born with a ‘rudimentary vagina’ and ‘micropenis’ but no testicles, according to the newspaper 20 Minutes which interviewed the individual.

The 64-year-old, who is married and has an adopted child, approached the courts to change a current civil status to ‘neutral gender’ in June.

The vice-prosecutor said he was appealing the court’s decision, not because he opposed it but because he thought a higher ruling was needed in a case that has ‘collided with current laws.’

Several countries, including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, officially recognize a third gender.

Studies suggesting 1.67% of people are born intersex in France but most receive "corrective surgery' soon after birth.

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