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Gay Catholic Priest Defrocked

Gay Catholic Priest Defrocked

22 October 2015

Over at the Vatican, Krzysztof Charamsa, a Polish priest who was fired from his post at the Vatican after coming out in a newspaper interview, has now been defrocked by the Catholic Church.

Charamsa was suspended indefinitely by the Church and stripped of the right to perform his duties as a priest following a meeting on October 21.

The 43-year-old former Catholic priest had enjoyed a high ranking position in the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith at the Vatican, prior to his public revelation that he is gay.

Charamsa’s vocal pronouncement of his sexuality included a press conference in which he appeared before media flanked by his long-term partner. The press conference drew unwanted attention to the Church just days before the Pope was due to open the Church’s synod on the family.

On Wednesday, Charamsa's home diocese of Pelplin, based in Gdansk, said he hadn't shown any signs of improvement and has been suspended as a priest and can no longer wear priestly vestments.

In a statement to media posted on the the diocese’s website, the Church said Charamsa could be revested if he were to renounce his ways and return to the “true teachings’ of the Church.

"The penalty is intended to inspire in Charamsa a real improvement of life and it can be reversed. That depends, however, on the future comportment of the above mentioned priest,"

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