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Come Out says Sir Ian McKellan

Come Out! Sir Ian Says

22 October 2015

In an interview with the Hollywood reporter, iconic British actor, Sir Ian McKellen called on LGBTI actors and actresses to come out en masse because being gay is no longer a career killer.

The 76-year-old British actor came out during a radio debate in 1988, which he said kick-started his film career.

Sir Ian said:
"It all happened after coming out.

"I had no idea this silly thing was a weight on my shoulders. That’s my message to anyone in this town who thinks, 'I’ve got to stay in the closet to be successful in films,' I didn’t."

Sir Ian then addressed closeted actors:
"Do you want to be a famous movie star who has love scenes with ladies and in private be an unhappy gay?

"There’s no choice. Forget the career, dear. Go and do something else… A closet’s a really nasty place to live, you know? It’s dirty, it’s dusty, it’s full of skeletons. You don’t want it. Open that door – fling it wide and be yourself."

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