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BBC Supports Anti-Gay Christians

BBC Supports Anti-Gay Christians

17 November 2015

Over in the UK Former Big Brother presenter Iain Lee was fired from BBC Three Counties Radio following an on air altercation with a Christian group over its homophobia.

Lee was presenting his breakfast show on BBC Three last week when he spoke with Libby Powell, a campaigner for Christian Concern, who are currently supporting a fired prison staff member who claims he was forced from his job after prison staff and prisoners complained he was using scripture to justify homophobia.

In the interview with Powell, Lee questioned whether the campaigner believed homosexuality was a sin and asked whether she supported bigotry. Lee then read the bible passages aloud and suggested they were indeed homophobic, outdated and bigoted.

The discussion became quite heated, with Lee calling out the woman and her group for homophobic views.

Following the altercation and the usual backlash from right wing Christian bullies the BBC issued a hurried apology.

Iain Lee was also forced to apologise on air and said:
“Last week I interviewed the Revd Barry Trayhorn and solicitor Libby Powell about their understanding of biblical teaching on homosexuality. I want to make it clear that I apologise for any offence that may have been caused over the way I conducted the interviews.”

On Sunday evening Lee signed off his Twitter account saying ‘best radio show I ever did. Enjoy it. Off to Bed. Night. X

Fans have already started a petition calling on the BBC to re-instate him.

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