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Germaine Greer Still A Trans Hater

Germaine Greer Still A Trans Hater

20 November 2015

Over in the UK acclaimed author Germaine Greer continues her attacks on trans women, this time via a lecture at Cardiff University, reiterating her transphobic views despite thousands of people signing a petition to stop her from speaking.

The academic and writer has repeatedly demonstrated her bias with her claims that trans women are not women.

In a Q&A following her lecture titled ‘Women and Power: Lessons from the 20th Century’, Greer was asked whether her views were harming trans people.

‘I don’t believe a woman is a man without a cock,’ she said. ‘You can beat me over the head with a baseball bat. It still won’t make me change my mind.

‘Being a woman is a bit tricky. If you didn’t find your pants full of blood when you were 13 there’s something important about being a woman you don’t know.’

A large group of protesters peacefully gathered outside the hall, holding placards saying ‘genitals do not equal gender’ and ‘transphobia is not feminism’.

Over 3,000 people signed a petition for Greer to be banned from giving the lecture.

‘Trans-exclusionary views should have no place in feminism or society,’ read the petition, organized by Cardiff University Union women’s officer Rachael Melhuish.

‘Hosting a speaker with such problematic and hateful views towards marginalized and vulnerable groups is dangerous.’

In response, Cardiff University vice chancellor Colin Riodin said there was ‘no case’ for withdrawing a ‘distinguished and exceptional academic speaker’ on the basis she has voiced opinions that are offensive to others.

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