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Gay Unions are now legal in the former Soviet Republic of Estonia but

Estonia's Gay Union Problem

5 January 2016

Over in the Balkans a new law allowing gay partnerships took effect in Estonia last week, but activists and local organisations warn that gay couples should to hold off on getting hitched until a series of serious legal issues have been worked out.

Back in 2014 Estonia became the first former Soviet republic to approve gay civil unions, but its Parliament has not yet adopted the laws required to implement that decision.

While couples can enter into unions, the Estonian Chamber of Notaries says there are legal uncertainties related to divorce, inheritance and other practical matters.

For that reason, the chamber has advised same-sex couples to consider waiting until the rules become clearer.

Estonia, which like Baltic neighbors Latvia and Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union for almost five decades, is considered the most Western-oriented of the former Soviet republics.


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