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Fans Demand A Disney Lesbian

04 May 2016

Over in the Twitterverse a hash tag campaign calling on Disney to introduce a lesbian princess in one of its films went viral on Twitter earlier this week.

Twitter user Alexis Isabel Moncada sparked the movement when she tweeted to her 80,000 followers: “Dear @Disney, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend”.

The hash tag referenced the 2013 blockbuster film Frozen, calling on its writers to create an LGBTI-inclusive narrative for the film’s sequel.

The sentiment then spread across the social media platform, with many young queer women expressing the importance of including LGBTI characters in family films.

In an interview with TV station NBC 12, Moncada highlighted the monotony in many Disney films.

“Frozen has made a huge impact on the LGBT community, as a lot of us see it as a metaphor for coming out and accepting who you are,” she said.

“The fact that Elsa hasn’t been cast a love interest yet leaves room for one.

“To see the same story over and over about a girl and her prince charming is repetitive, and it leaves so many people out and makes so many people feel alone… there is more than just one kind of person.”

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