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Mariah Carey on LGBTQ

16 May 2016

Over in the USA Mariah Carey shared her thoughts on the acronym ‘LGBTQ’ as she was accepting the Ally Award on stage at Saturday’s GLAAD Media Awards.

The 46-year-old pop star attended the event held in New York City in a glittery, body-hugging, see-through dress along with her Australian billionaire boyfriend, James Packer.

Mariah told news media that the GLAAD Ally Award means much more than the other awards that she has received over the years. She said:

"Some awards are about statistics and things like that, and some are about something a little more real. Do you know what I mean? This feels like one of those moments, so I think it’s great."

For her acceptance speech on stage, Mariah said that she’s feeling slightly nervous, in case she missed out any group in the LGBTQ community:
"I had to learn a whole new alphabet to introduce and not un-include people… I don’t want to do it wrong. I decided that if I have to memorise it, I might as well elaborate on it.

"So we have L: legendary. G: gorgeous. B: beautiful — all of you beautiful people! T: tantalizing. And even Q for quality!‘

"Thank you for the unconditional love, because it’s very difficult for me to have that. I haven’t experienced much of it, so I thank you… I wish all of you love, peace, harmony, and as my five-year old son likes to say: boobies and butts!"

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