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Catholics Target Aussie Gays

17 May 2016

Over in Australia, the Catholic Church is stepping up its campaign against marriage equality with the usual kind of arguments one can expect.

The Australian Catholics Bishop Conference (ACBC) has spoken out against marriage equality in a statement released to bishops, priests, dioceses, parishes, schools and Catholic work places around the country.

Openly interfering in Australian politics the statement suggests people should consider the threat to family when casting their vote at the polls on election day.

According to reports in The Age, the ACBC 2016 election statement says "political decisions can end up undermining marriage and providing less and less support for families despite a rhetoric that claims otherwise".

"The fact is that economic decisions have been less and less favourable to families in recent years; and it may be that political decisions in the future will undermine further the dignity and uniqueness of marriage as a lifelong union of man and woman," the bishops say.

"Support for marriage and the family does not look a big vote-winner, so that even the most basic human institution, upon which the health of a society depends, can become part of the throwaway culture or at best an optional extra."

The statement proves that marriage equality for LGBT Australians will again become a hot topic for the next elections in the country.

The Catholic Church is stepping up its anti-gay campaign because recent polls suggest more than 70 percent of Australians are in support of marriage equality. Which prompted Australia's Labour party to promise if elected, to deliver marriage equality in the first 100 days of parliament.

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