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New Wordwide LGBT Acceptance

24 May 2016

A bit of good news according to a new global survey which revealed for the first time that more people in the world than ever before now believe it should be legal to be LGBTI.

The survey was commissioned by ILGA-RIWI in partnership with Logo. The survey results show 53% of people feel simply being LGBTI should not be a crime, a previous study by Pew Research found the statistic to be 41% in 2013.

Interestingly only 25% think it being LGBTI should be a crime which is a stark difference to the 39% of UN States that have criminalised same-sex relationships.

Executive Director of ILGA Renato Sabbini said, “we are witnessing a global shift in consciousness away from discrimination, but we need to increase public education efforts if forward progress is to continue”.

“Even in countires known for anti-LGBT laws, attitudes are moving away from supporting blatant discrimination against LGBTI individuals and towards acceptance.”

The analysis of the results painted both positive and troubling pictures, acceptance of LGBTI persons might have grown yet equality statistics is still very low.

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