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Aussie State Apologise To Gays

24 May 2016

Over in Australia the state of Victoria's government has become the first local government in the world to formally apologise to those it convicted of homosexual acts.

Premier Daniel Andrews said "there was a time in our history when we turned thousands of young men into criminals ... this was profoundly wrong".

"On behalf of the Parliament, the government and the people of Victoria, for the laws we passed and the lives we ruined, and the standards we set, we are sorry."

Andrews went on to say "the fact is these laws represent nothing less than state sanctioned homophobia".

Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1981 in Australia and up until then men could be sentenced for up to 15 years for having consensual sex with other men.

He also went on to encourage same-sex couples to hold their partners hand in public with pride after detailing an example of two women who were convicted for doing so under the historic laws.

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